My 9 second 200-4r parts for sale (trans, converter, ds)


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After much thought I've decided to sell all my 200-4r stuff and go to a 400. This means my killer Extreme Automatics (Lonnie Diers) 200-4r is for sale. This has literally been the most reliable part on my whole car so I hate to let it go. I sent it to Lonnie for inspection at the beginning of 2007 as a precautionary measure (the last year I had my car out) and he said it didn't need anything but put clutches in it anyway. I have about 10 passes on it since then and maybe 600-700 miles. I have probably 50 wheelies in the low 1.3 60' range and have been in the high 9's at 138mph with this thing and its still flawless. I talked with Lonnie last week and neither one of us could remember if it has a billet OD planet, so this trans is between his stage 2 and stage 3 (see here: To play it safe, I am going to list this as his stage 2 plus the following:

Stage 2 $1995
BRF Requires Core Charge $450
Deep Sheet Aluminum Pan W/Bottom feeder sump $295
Billet Pump Rotor Assembly $285
Billet Input Shaft $275
Electric Trans Brake $495 (pan is required)
Temp sensor bung welded in pan

Total that comes to $3795. If it does have the Billet OD stuff, it would include these:

Billet OD Planet $325
Billet OD Ring Gear $185

Im asking $2800, no core needed and willing to deliver a reasonable distance (50 miles or so from Orland/Tinley area).

Also, I have a fresh 200-4r with 0 miles that has a street/strip build for cars down to 11.0 (similar to Jimmy's $1799 rebuild). I should have specifics on the internals later today as I have Ed at MTS checking it out for me. Looking to get $1300 for this one.

Next I am selling 2 converters. First is my non l/u UCC (Ultimate Converter Concepts) torque converter. This is the one I've had in my car the last few years and has graced me with big wheelies and killer 60' times. Best 60' with this thing was 1.299 (see video in sig). It is a little too loose for the 9's but is about as perfect as it can get for a 10 sec car. I sent it back and forth to UCC to get it dialed in and it worked perfect for my old stockish low 10 sec combo (234", 212/212 cam, stock ported heads, stock ported intake, stock tb, stock plenum, stock location intercooler, 71gtq) which I was going 10.0's @ 132. On my car it flashed to 2700 at 0psi, stalled to 3500 at 10 psi, 4000 at 15psi and 4500 at 20psi. See the video in my sig below to hear how it spooled. Have $1200 invested, will let go for $750.

Second converter is brand new but has yet to be identified. Its a 12" l/u supposedly 3000 stall but not sure who makes it. Once I get those details I'll post them.

Finally, I have two driveshafts. One is 3" with a 1310 yoke and spicer u-joints. I had lots of 1.4 60' times on this one with no problems. When I put the UCC convertor in and starting going low 1.3's, I ended up twisting the yoke. I had the yoke replaced with a brand new one and only used it with drag radials until I got my new driveshaft. So, this one is safe down to 1.40 60' times. Paid $350, will let go for $200

The second driveshaft is the one I use now. Its a Muscle Motorsports lightweight steel 3.5" with 1350 yokes and a $200 Strange yoke (U1667). Paid $450, will let go for $350. This will handle more than any 200-4r can withstand (low 9's?).

Or EVERYTHING here for $4000!!

Please dont PM me, just email me at if you are interested in any of this stuff. If it doesn't sell locally I'll throw it in the for sale section this weekend. Ill post pics of everything tomorrow or weds.

ps Sorry for the long post but I figured it would be best to give as much detail as possible so I dont get tons of PM's with the same questions.