My 92 is done


Was I speeding sir?
Jan 2, 2003
Finished up the AC Wed and yesterday was it's first cruise.
Now it's time to test and tune.
The TTA next to it is mine too.




Very Nice! I assume you're using TTA heads to be able to have A/C? I like your plate, no one could figure mine out when I had it....NOV8Z28
nice plates!!! I just noticed that. I saw a badass custom plate at the track today. LS1 FTW I thought it was cool!!!
Thanks for the complements.
The car is more or less a Turbo Trana AM in a Camaro Body.
I bought TTA #891 on eBay about 3 years ago with a blown transmission. Once I got it home the body and interior were in WAY worse shape than the ebay pictures let on so we swapped the entire TTA drivetrain into the Z28.
(Engine, 1LE Brakes, 200R4 Trans, 9 Bolt rear ect)
Everything right down to the Cruise controll and AC works. (the tach is off)
The car is a Victory Racing right now to get the tune in order once I get some track time I'll post up.
if anyone is intrested here are Pic's of the TTA doner car. TTA 891:(
Looks great!!!!! Love the plate too!

Keep us up to date on the progress~
Excellent work. It looks like the car came from the factory that way. It is nice to see some people still appreciate the 92 body style. One of my buddies in high school had a 86 IROC and I always thought that was one cool car and for that matter I still do.
I too am interested to hear the track times as I know they will be much better now than with the old 305.:D
People always get this strange look on their face when I tell them; "It's almost done":D

now that you guys mention it it doesn't have an alky kit and it's running those old school 009's and a TA49:D
Just saw the pics of the TTA donor car; that's a crying shame...

Nice job on the Camaro, though!