My answer to the expensive positive battery cable replacement problem


Aug 14, 2001
I built a positive battery cable using 2 gauge starter cable instead of the normal 4 gauge, a 6 gauge alternator wire instead of the normal (I think) 8 gauge and a top mount terminal instead of the side mount. Everything was soldered and insulated and I think it came out looking pretty good.

I used a top mount because my goal was to have the least resistance to electricity flow. The top mount has much more surface area for metal to metal contact then the side mont screw. My battery already had both side and top mount posts, so now I have a free side mount connection point to add accessories to if need be.

True, the top posts are not factory, but I just improved on the factory charging and starting setup. Add a negative top mount cable from any parts store for 5$ and you should be good for another 17 years.

I have some pics of the cable next to the old one off the car, if someone wants to host them for me, I don't know how to do it.
Sometimes putting something on the top post and something on a side post is bad.

It happens a lot with amps and things, but e-mail me the pictures and i'll host for you