My biggest regret.........

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I sold my 1987 T-Type in 1998 when I was super broke and couldnt keep up with the upkeep on the car. But it was also the days before the internet took off and there were no smartphones taking pictures of everything under the sun......So now I have no pictures of this car. No VIN. Nothing. I look monthly for this car to be online for sale and havent seen it in the last 10 years online. It really is the bane of my existence. I want "MY" car back now that I'm 41 with a garage and family to share it with. How in god green earth could I even find this car without a VIN? All I know is the kid I sold it to sold it a year later to a guy in New Hampshire.

It was a 1987 Buick T-Type which was originally blue with blue interior but I put a insane dark blue, almost blackish paintjob on it. Also another indicator is I punched the corner of the roof by the driver window so hard I put in a dent that would be very hard to get out. (I got a 450 dollar speeding ticket for doing donuts in a bar parking lot and not pulling over for the police right away. I was super pissed).

I miss that car so much and think even if I just got a new one that I would just not feel the same. It was my baby before i had actually babies.

Any help would be appreciated, but I have accepted this is a lost cause a long time ago.


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Go to the dmv and ask if the have record of it by giving your id

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Like others have said those two paths would be a good start for you. I hope you can find the car and bring it home where she belongs. If you want to share the VIN# with me via a private message I would be more than happy to help you locate the vehicle or it's last place of origin.

Don't give up hope. ;)