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Sep 21, 2018
had a great meet and greet tonight at the longhorn steakhouse in St aug. showed up meet my buddy who has a 68 roadrunner, we normally go to all the car events together he is still kicking himself bc back in the 90's he had a choice of buying two cars a olds 442 or a grand national he went the cheap route and got the olds, he has said he regrets it every day for trying to save 2K :ROFLMAO: anyways he's been having work done on the 68 roadrunner he told me getting disk brake conversion on the fronts and new clutch and getting rid of his 4.10 drag gears, so the car been in the shop a while I keep asking him what's taking so long he's been feeding me excuses and tonight I found out what took so long , he has finally switched over to fuel injection and he said it is night and day pretty cool looking system the control of it is pretty amazing and he kept his 200 shot of nitrous on his 440 punched out to 512 , we had a good laugh and met some great guys tonight
it is speed week down here with 500 running tomorrow and a guy brought this vintage 67 ford fairlane nascar to the show tonight
he said he got it out of museum and had it for 12 years had pics of original build was pretty cool watching him drive it in loud as shit :eek: