my first flaming post on =)

Speedhawaii has too many young teen's who dont really know much about cars. :) The forums topics are just way too cluttered with all kinds of crap. I hate posting over there.
howzit Wilson. youre from the Z28 forum...solid. My friend posts on there too under BROKKANIC. true, not much people from Hawaii post on it.
Take his challenge for the 1/4 mile with your t-type against his gt-s. If you don't want to, send him my way... ;)

Best way to stop the flame spray is just to PROVE your point in hard fast numbers at the track. This guy must be in one of those over grown weed whacker type of cars. You know.... The ones that sounds like a weed whacker that needs a good tune up, and much slower.

But that's just "MY OPINION".. :)

Hey Chris,

Ignore them, they have no clue. #1, Those cars are Butt-ugly IMO, and I'll agree with you on the performance of the All-trac turbo, test drove it but could'nt afford it(too bad) at the time. #2, the 84-87 GTS was a great car (and still is) I like the coupe,not the H/B, #3 These kids spend mommy & daddys money, we had to do it the hard way,WORK, #4, Bang for the buck, youll never,ever beat the bargain GM offerred between 84-87, and finally, #5 Why waste 'em with a buick, I can take 'em with my SS. They try every night on my way to work, and I have nothing to prove to a bunch of "Ricers" with nasty, noisy weedeaters with four wheels. Its odd that if you dont want to engage, I have heard they try to run people off the road, though they never try that when I'm in my Silverado, (one cut in front of me ome night and braked, hard, I didnt feel a thing...hahaha stupid people, what did he think I was gonna do? swerve so I dont hit him...I think not!) Just my .02


-Dead 85 T-Type, 130K Stock, broke timing chain
-'84 Monte SS, 80K Original Paint...Interior... M/T I'm not telling
-'99 Silverado 2500 X-Cab 4x4 6.0 vortech-4L80E
-'93 Toyota Camry, 4cyl, 5speed, 30 mpg!
I just was reading the post at speed hawaii. Good job Chris! :D Lets challenge those Celica dudes! Show them how slow those cars are!
Originally posted by TurboV6
I just was reading the post at speed hawaii. Good job Chris! :D Lets challenge those Celica dudes! Show them how slow those cars are!
Slow? I bet I beat you around one slalom! Domestics is only good for going straight. If I only wanted fo go straight I would have bought one. What's the challenge in driving straight? "Oh look I can go fast in one straight line!" So what I bet I can go faster around one corner than you.
I think not! Your car is good for cutting grass in the yard, the only kind of turns you take. BTW, you think you can outrun a camaro ss in a slalom? get real, or a C-5 vette? who says domestics only go in straight lines? You? Better get a grip on real life dude, I see the "little cars" blasting down the straightaways on H-1 & H-2, only to slam on the brakes on the first turn. These idiotic cars are so low, they have no suspension travel, so how do they go around corners, with the drivers heads bouncing like those litte dashboard dogs? Come now...get a grip!
Yes our cars do "SUCK" on a slalom. But on a strait away? On a 1/4 mile track? How fast do your celica do?

:p As we already know, the T/R's only "suck" on short course, in stock form, and with those wimpy 215/65 15 tires. The T/R's actually handle well, better than my SS, due to lighter front-rear weight bias. A good set of 16 or 17's, cross braces, shocks, alignment, etc does wonders(ie..GNX). These front drive boys have no clue anyway, as autocross is a timed event , no side by side racing. We are not talking about one of their "drift sessions" , where using the e-brake to slide corners is accepted practice.;) Actually, it sound like a good way to flat spot those mega expensive rubber bands that mom and dad put on their visa or mastercard:p ..Bottom line is its not the car, its all in the loose nut behind the steering wheel. :D As far as open road... leave those little cars home. BTW, I wonder if they need weekly Chiropractor visits from bouncing around all the time.:cool: Oh hell i'll run 'em with my Camry HAHAHA:cool:
Cool thanks!

But my GN feel like a boat on a turn. :D

I was thinking on doing some suspension work on my GN, was thinking on front and rear sway bars, urethane bushings, got some bilstein shocks too on it.
the stock ones should suffice, actually alignment and a good wheel and tire combo is what you need
i'll second tire and wheel combo and if you really wanna make the gts's look bad you might wanna get some polly bushings.
BTW hod did the meeting go. I was planning to go down with a few guys but had some jobs to do today.