My First GN


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Well I broke down and bought an 87 GN. Bruce hooked me up with an older couple that was looking to sell thier car. It has GNX rims, GNX style dash, no emblems, slightly bigger turbo and injectors, and cold air kit. It only has about 83,000 miles and rides like a dream, interior and paint are perfect and all the electronics work! No wind noise at 70-80.

They also have the original GN rims, turbo and the complete shop manual set along with a bunch of other parts!!

Am going to enjoy driving it!!

Welcome to the Dark Side, you will now become a completely different person.;) Sounds like you got a good one, too!
I think it was worth the money due to its condition and all the extra parts it cam with.

I will put up some pics when we have good enough weather and the Wife isn't out driving it. LOL
that's like dropping a weight off a building and hoping the rope tied to your junk is long enough so it hits the ground before it becomes taught and yeah tugs a lil bit...................just would be cool though