My gauge cluster build

VERY nice. I'm sure we've all thought about something like this at some point...just lack CNC access.
I bet there would be a market for a completed plate. Just not enough to justify a production run?
I have access to a machine shop and can have these mass produced, if enough people were interested. The more interest, the cheaper the price. I'd sell them at cost. Not looking to make money, just share a great idea.
did you eliminate a check engine light and all the other warnings from the dash too? Because i remember having an issue when my dash wasnt mated well on the left and it caused my alternator not to charge the battery while running. as wierd as it sounds its true! had to pop the dash out and reconnect. was just curious if you eliminated all those warning lights when you went to your dash plate if you had any problems.
you just have to do some creative wiring to fix the charging problem. the stock sytem uses the charge light as a resistor so you ether need to put I think its a 470 ohm resitor in the altinator charge curciut its the dark brown wire in the harness going to the dash . or you need to wire a 12v source to the F pin on the alt conector .
Glad I looked at this, very well done and an idea source for my own instrument panel update project on one of my trucks, thanks for posting this BustedKnuckle!
Big reazon my vas would go on the trans where the speedo cable would go. And would be wired back to the dash. How the bu coming along?
Love the work looks great. The question I have,is there anything speacial with the wireing and hooking up the speedily to the factory connections