My gauge cluster build


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Since this information might be helpful to someone else and everybody likes to see stuff coming together i thought i'd post up my gauge cluster build.

I thought about doing something like this here

IMG_7006.jpg ... /index.htm (version #2, didnt like any of the other plates either really)
but didnt like how all the gauges were so bunched in together and he never returned any of my phone calls or emails so i decided to make my own dash plate to house the gauges

Heres the gauges

Autometer ultra light carbn fiber series 3-3/8 tach and speedo and all other gauges are 2-1/16

I am going to put 6 gauges in the dash cluster tach,speedo,mech oil press, mech water temp,volt and fuel level. then i have two more for the center console, nitrious press and trans temp


Here is my hand drawn print of dimensions after cutting out the center of the dash bezel. and the design layout of what i want it to look like. These are all inside dimensions given


Then i went to work on doing a CAD drawing to make everything Symmetrical. the steering column is auctually offset to the left a 1/2".


And finally a blueprint to cut it out on the CNC
dont tell my boss. I figured these dimensions will help someone out one of these days


After cutting it out on the CNC

duburred and now the mounting design comes into play. Not sure exactlly yet tho. saved my self alot of room on the edges for mounting points.


gauges set into place

Thats all for now, ill keep this updated as i chug along on the project

Man what an awesome job so far,and thanks for posting drawings with dimensions as I am drawing ideas up myself for a plate your post realy helps thanks alot!!Cant wait to see finished product.:cool:

The best part is sounds like he is doing this while on the clock,thats awesome in it self right there,getting paid to make hot rod parts for your own car,awesome!!!!!!!!:D
Looks good Im going to have some one with a CNC make the hole Dash panel for me to totaly replace the dash pannel. You should make one for your car since you have the equpment. For LEDs I used these from speedway Universal L.E.D. Indicator Bulbs
but I ened up not using them and had speedhut install the LED in to my speedo for them instead.
here is my dash and more on my web site
i have one question how thick is the plate you are using.I am going to be making my own cluster poanel,starting this week.Just wondering on thick ness of the metal...thank
I wish I could pay someone in the Austin area to do this for me, I dont have the tools or the time, but need it w/25psi and idiot lights on a 25yo stock motor that the valve covers have never been off of.
teaser pic, still not completly finished

looks to be about 20mph 3k rpm lol

Fantastic looking project. Now all you need do is punch holes for turn indicators, high beam indicator, and don't forget to add one for the SES indicator.