My GN and TTA


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Mar 11, 2010
Just Thought I’d throw on a pic.
Hardtop 87 GN with just under 13k miles. 89TTA with just under 37k.

Very Nice! I like how you have the Black Basket rims on the GN and the Gold on the TTA! Makes them look like a matching pair.

Plus a 69 SuperBee? :eek:

You have quite a nice collection there !!!
Plus it looks like you actually drive them all !!! :cool:

They look great!!
Have you run any of them at the track?
Would love to see ET and MPH for each of your collection if you have ever raced them!
(Super Bee included!!!)
The TTA has gone 12.50’s With a duttweiler chip,larger turbo, injectors and M&H. The Bee is 100 percent stock with a 4spd. It’s gone 13.40s on redlines. I don’t recall the trap speeds. View attachment
GN 100 percent stock never been to the track.

Very Nice!!! I had a feeling that you had some track experience with that Stable you have there! :cool:
I didn't realize that Duttweiler ever made/sold chips! Were they for the TTA only?
Quite a different experience running a 4 Speed at the track with the Torque of that Super Bee, isn't it?

My first time ever down a track was with my GN in 1988.
I had the Kenne-Bell Ultimate chip and their Ram Air.
I went 13.9x at 97 on the stock radials. I've been hooked ever since! :D

Without digging the parts out I may have miss spoken which type of chip I had. It ran fantastic but it ran fantastic on racing fuel. So I had a chip burned to run on 93. The bee runs very respectfully considering I granny shift it. It is kind of tough to launch.
Back in 1987 my buddy purchased three grand nationals. He began to tune each one and swore by the end of the summer he would be in the 13s. Turns out by the end of the first summer he was running 1290s. Spent a lot of time at the track fun stuff! As I’ve stated in other posts I had a deposit down on a brand new grand national in February 1988. I really could not swing the insurance.