My Hot Air Slug


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May 26, 2001
Well I got my hot air back together Thursday night and it's still slow like always. The car will probley run mid 12’s im thinking havent had time to go to the track but im always wanting to go faster. I just got a re worked intake just like the v1 on it now.

What should my next mod be I need to go faster.
I went 13.0 @108 before intake

i wasthink i have alomost allthe stuff to do te 87 ecm conversion but i dont have th money to buy chips yet so i will wait alll i need is the mat wire. i will also put in the translator plus with the 3.5 maf. what do u all think im looking for performance this will just help in tunning
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You're funny.
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i would andwer your question but i gave in at the times you ran before and putting a i/c motor in now so i couldnt tell you how to go faster with the hot air except tune tune tune