My new turbocharged ride.


Just another pretty face....
I felt the need to replace the now 10 year old Jeep Cherokee.
I broke a lot of rule I said I would never do with a car:
FWD & 4 doors. But my mind is changed after driving it the last FWD car I had was in the 1990s and they have come along way. The car flies along and you don't even realize how fast you are going. Handles and stops like a dream.
See they brought back the red T instead of using the GS like the early concepts showed.
I'm leasing under the sign and drive promotion. It's mine for 39 months:biggrin:
(Hey Shane the Buick Regal banner ads work!);) That is what made me look closer at the car.

(The GN still gets the garage)


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hello people; Looks good and good luck with it. Around how much for that car? Also did you look at the Buick SUV? Could you tell me about your time with the Jeep.
I need a new all around car sooner or later and who knows what I'll get. Probably a new to me type and not new.
Here in Mass. the weather man is talking about a boat load of snow Sun. to Mon. and he says you Southern boys and girls got a bit.
The Jeep I bought with 72,000 miles and have 131,500 never had any major trouble with it but its not nice to cruise on long trips at over 60 on the highway you can hardly hear yourself think between the tires and wind noise. I already have a huge truck so I really don't need a thing to haul and so I figured it was best to sell it while she was still worth something and I can step in to something more classy.
The Non turbo Regals start at $26K The turbos at $29K.
I did NOT want a sunroof so I got the entry level model soon as you step up from the entry package the all have a sunroof.
I am near the coast so the snow you see on the car is in the form of cold rain.:rolleyes:
It has the 6 speed auto with the DSC (driver Shift Control) manual up or down shifting.
By moving the shifter from D to the left there is a + / - to up shift or down shift.
Looks nice. Is it about the size of the Altima? How about some interior pics...
Neat car!

Glad to see the red T emblem hasn't been forgotten by GM.

I have to take my mother shopping for a LaCrosse CXL AWD tomorrow... She's in love with the things.
That's pretty slick!! I really like it. Looks fast. Glad you got it. Keep us updated as to how it goes, works, etc.

I have two Jeeps ('88 and '89) Cherokees and they are driving me nuts! Both now broken down, both near 200.000 miles. I can never get them to work long enough to sell them so I just keep trying to figure out what in hell's wrong with them.

I really envy you, you know....if I could afford it, I'd be all over that Regal. That is one nice looking Buick. Looks great even wet!

I almost won the Mega Million close....missed by six numbers.....would have bought that Regal. Maybe the next ticket.

Bruce '87 Grand National
Congrats on the new purchase! I recall watching a road test with 2 new Regal Turbos and the drivers were REALLY impressed with the cars. They kept saying, "This is a Buick?". Performance, handling, was a complete package.

I sat in a N/A CXL back in September and the car had a nice solid feel to it.

Get some interior and underhood shots soon.
What are the performance numbers? What engine is in it? ---

I'll get some more pics guys! Ive been pretty busy.
This car is a great driver, handles wonderfully.
It has a 2.0 Turbo with direct injection and Variable Valve Timing.
That makes the car pull like it has a much larger engine.
Its stated to have 220 hp @5300 rpm and 258 Torque @ 2000 rpm
I love em and would love to get one as my daily...but too pricey for a car I would only drive when the weather was too bad for my bike or the WH1....

Lets see the list of mods that are coming!! :)
Hey! Where's the extra pics? :D

I'm thinking about ordering a Regal myself. My favorite colors are the Gray, Stone, and Espresso Bronze. I'd probably get a T05 or T06 (I have to have the IDCS and H&K audio).