My next mods?


pimp romeo
May 31, 2001
I was just wondering what you guys think I should get for my nest mods. I was thinking about a 2800 stall from Poston and a crossover pipe. Any thoughts? I was also debating about getting the Big Mouth cold air kit. Thanks
I might have over looked it..but I didnt see a larger Downpipe in your sig....our Hot-Air cars really love larger downpipes (and while you are at it port out the exhaust elbow)

While you are over on that side taking stuff off...check to see if you have cracked headers...if you do....our cars really like headers as well as a downpipe...I dropped about .8 and added 4mph just from putting Headers, and a 3" downpipe on my car!
I have thought about a downpipe but wasnt sure on it. My headers are cracked but I cant afford after market headers since they are like 500$ US which is like 15 000 in CDN funds:D Being in colage, I am on a budget. I think I will just get them welded. Do you have a website where I can get a downpipe. Maybee ATR? Thanks dude