My other 2 Pride and Joy's


Contents Under Pressure
Oct 1, 2002


Looks like someone spilled the "guts" out of that bug.:eek:

Very cool...lot of work there Boostedbug!
yea the poor little bug only made 475rwhp when it snapped the axle at 5800 rpm in 3rd.. I think it would have hit the 500 mark with some tuning..

Went 10:98@131

The camaro is what I just traded my T for.. :eek:
Very nice rides there Steve. Like the Turbo-Busas. The Punch Buggy is definitely outta control :biggrin:. Very cool though. Camaro looks good as well. No word yet fom UPS. If I don'thear from them soon, I'll shoot you a PM later tomorrow.
The busa's are sick, you have either big grapes, or are straight out of your mind! I'd love to see video of that thing on a roll gettin a full twist....with sound!
I rode my friends 9 second Busa one day and it felt like the finger of God had just flicked the back of the bike when I wacked it open!:eek:

I proceded right back to my house and parked it. Said a quick prayer and gave him his keys back.:redface:

Those bikes are the true definition of acceleration.
Thanks Guys, I really like doing cutom Jap bike bikes. The trick to riding one of these things is eye perception. Intead of looking 75 feet in front of you, you have to train yourself to looks an 1/8th of a mile while on the thottle.

Now that statement is true ona bike like th eblack one. Stretche dis a good thing to help control wheelies. The stock looking bigger HP bike was crazy, rolling 70mph it would either hook adn go to 12 o'clock or do some very long impressive burnouts..

Both of these bikes where very well behaved under 6k rpm's. It was like riding a normal Hayabusa, but roll the throtle on and it would get serious very quickly! I only ran the black one at the track a few times and the best was an 8:43@172, the silver bike well i don't think anyone could have gotten it down the track. I built it to look stock and it did, but was just way out of control..

I have sold all 3 of these, black bike went to Miami, Silver bike to Atlanta and the bug is doing time in Miami street racing... My new project is my Pro Street 91 Camaro.. I am already working up everything I need to trubo charge it. It has a 434 cubic inch small block in it now..


The vw's are a fun thing to tinker with, parts are vey cheap and plentifull. Homemade turbo setups like i had are a normal thing now a days.. Not a bad over all deal with less than $5k on the motor you could have a high 10second bug... And that price is the cost of a new motor and turbo setup..