my other G-body

Hey dude, that's a nice looking car ya got there! Always liked those vette rims. Was thinking of getting them for my regal once but the only set I could find was like a thousand bucks or something.

Good looking car Rob. I always liked the MCSSs. I've owned 4, 85,86, and 2 87s. The 85 got ripped off and it was replaced with a 86 GN. :D
BTW, if anyone is looking for one, I know of someone selling theirs. I think its an 87 but it could be an 88. Let me know.

I need one to drive while mine is being cheap is it? (always on the lookout for a deal)
Greg, 1K for 15" vettes? figure 600-700 with good tires on average, I remember a mail order place (vette brakes) where take offs were 100 each in good shape...I can get you 16's (84-87 vette)for about the same, but you have to buy the spacers...
Thanks Geoff, call me when you want the trans...
I woould post pics of the buick,

but it looks like derricks did a few weeks ago....(front end on stands) engine apart<sigh> one of these days...