My project after my Buick.......


It's my Granny's car!
Had it since 1980 when I was 12..........drove it off and on til 87.


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I haven't cranked it up in a long time but it's still free. I have a spare 400 anyway. Did I mention it's a 4 speed too:cool: I haven't run the numbers to see if it is the orig engine but the code is correct for the 335hp and the 670 heads are correct too.
See the motorcycle handle bars behind the Goat? It's my 74 Honda CB125 street bike and it's almost the same color. And so is my Buick.........
its funny ive noticed quite a few turbobuick owners have GTOs as well. My dad who has an 85 and 86 GN also has a 67 GTO convertible. Ours will be requiring quite a bit more work but i can't wait to begin.

He only paid $1,800 for it with new paint,top,and tires.........I would be real lucky if I hit the lotto where I could do a frame off!

Thanks for posting the pic of the 'ol Goat. That's gonna be a nice one after restoration and a 'vert to boot! Having that car is like having your own 401k plan. I'd be itching to start restoration on it if I were you! What's the history on the car?
My Dad bought it in the summer of 1980 when I was 12. I installed my first car stereo in it. I took out the Kraco AM/FM 8 track and put in a Sanyo deck w/cassette and a Sanyo EQ. I was driving this up town cruising when I was 14. Even drove it to college for a qtr too in '87. God that thing used some gas! Actually got caught street racing an '87 GTA T/A after getting out of class. Got out of that one with an "Operating a Vehicle in a Careless Manner" ticket. I even had the top I even came by the High School about 10AM on the way to work from college with the headers open and rattled the windows coming by in 3rd turning about 4k rpm.
So it's been a family member for over 27 years!
That is truly classic muscle. That thing should be in a garage. As mentioned before it will only go up in value.

I actually came home from the hospital in my Dad's '65 2+2 421SD 4 speed and tri power. First car I ever steered down the road. I would sit in his lap at night and would slide down to hit the dimmer switch over and over just to see the Indian head bright indicator.:) It burnt to the ground:frown: He swore it wouldn't spin tires but I had a convultion at church and one of the ladies that was there would always tell me how she "Couldn't see from the church to the street for all the tire smoke"
A family friend had just bought an Olds with a 455 had struck out to use the phone to call ahead to the hospital and was rolling around a buck-20 and Daddy came around him like a bat outa hell and got a little ways ahead and a big ball of fire shot out. It broke a rod,ruined the block,and oil pan.