N/A regal with 87 turbo set-up

Check with grundy. My buddy drives his 60 chevy all the time.He has got insured for 30,000 and he pays like 450 a year.Check with your state laws before you swap vin tags. I know in illinois it is not legal. TRUST ME ! If you do swap tags you need special rivits to put it back on. Oh yeah if it is against the law in florida and you do swap tags . Do not post anything on this or any website. I know its a little late.good luck . By the way. Your car looks killer:biggrin:
Not Really A Fan Of Crome Trime But Wow That Is One Sweeeeet Looking Car Nice Job !!!

thanks for the compliments. I have alot of pictures that I can't seem to fit on this website. It must be the format that they were originally taken in. The pictures I already posted were taken by the appraiser, with his camera. I will try to post some more.


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If you want to check it out real well, I plan on being at the Nationals this spring with the car.

I have'nt had time to take the car to a dyno or anything, + I want to put in a tighter tranny. My tranny is slipping and I see some dark material in the otherwise red fluid. I did have a chance to run against a stout car last night, and I thought I'd share it with you. I ran against a newer GTO about 5 times. I would get him at the start, then we would be door to door until about 80mph, then he would pull away from me every time. I was making 20lbs of boost with no knock, and the car was hooking up real well. I stopped and talked to the guy afterwards, and he explained that he has the twin turbo set-up with alcohol injection that is available for that car. He said that 1st and 2nd gear is about useless in his car, (which is why I was getting him off the line). I know he was probably making obscene amounts of horsepower with that thing. I don't mind losing to a car like that, I guess. It was fun for both of us.

car looks good man...i got to say also i really dont like the t type colors and all that chrome...but u made it all flo...i wouldnt mine driving that to work everday.....:smile:

Thanks for the props. I just put a better tranny in it with all PTS extreme parts and torque converter. I also put in a transbrake that I bought from Bryan Hofer. This made the car even faster. Now that I'm not losing alot of power in the tranny, I want to get it dynoed. As soon as I do, I will post the results. Here's the performance recipe: Kenne Bell ported iron heads
ported intake
38lb injectors
hotwired pump
TA-49 with a precision exhaust
ported exhaust elbow
3 inch down pipe
no cat and 3 inch single exhaust
Duttweiler necked intercooler
SMC alcohol injection-progressive
Turbotweak chip
Took 2nd at Nats

I took 2nd place in my class:biggrin: at this years Nationals. I drove it the 850+ miles to get there. Spent 7 hours detailing it. I average about 20 miles per gallon with the AC on the interstate- no problems, reliable.


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learning how to resize photos

I'm learning how to re-size photos, please bear with me.:redface:


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seen the car and got to meet you out in the grassy parking lot at BG....very nice car......i didn't even know you built this.....cool
Met you at the Nats as well. Your car is beautiful and most of all you drove it there. My brother Dave and I are good friends with Ed that drove up with you. We used to race at Moroso with Ed all the time when he was on the east coast. Tell him I said hi and congrats again on the car.

P.S. I remember you were going to weigh it at the scales there in BG. I had a guess of 3250 lbs; was I close?