Name the mystery cartridge

How about this ? The one on the right is a 357 mag. Hint , pistol round .

It sure just looks like a .308. I know Thompson chambers a break open single shot in 308, 3030, 45-70...maybe more

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Nope , Rimmed case .
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Mine started out as a 35 Rem , but I had it rechambered to a 358 JDJ after several light primer strikes due to head spacing issues with the small shouldered 35 Rem . The 358 JDJ is made from a 444 Marlin case necked down to .358 . The head spacing issue was solved with the rimmed cartridge . The cartridge was an awesome up grade that handles heavier bullets with greater velocity . The current load is 225 gr Nosler ballistic tip @ 2300 fps , with under 1/2" accuracy @ 100yds . I've used the same hand load for over 20 yrs and it never disappoints. This is 2 shots !
Very nice!!!

I've heard of that problem with the 35 Remington, but have not experienced it. I also have a 30-30 A.I. barrel that I have not used yet.
Here's our complete "found ammo" collection at the dealership. How many can you name? Lol I'm out of ammo for this thread, you guys can post up a storm in it if you want to.