Nat's Attendees Remember this one?


May 27, 2001
This car was owned by a very good friend of mine(Jeff). I helped him do quite a bit of work on it, so when it came time to sell, I was there. This car has won many a show at The Nat's and Buicks @ Bristol. Some may think it's over the top, but it ALWAYS draws a crowd. I hope to get it back out on the show scene and have some fun. Brian


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Yes I know Jeff. This car is awesome. Whats happened with Jeff? Do you see him at all ?
Jeff's around

Hi Louie, Jeff lives and works in Miramar,I see him once and awhile. He has had some rough times with the "EX", and some health issues. Has gone through some different cars, ZO6 a few GN's and a few Mustangs,one of which he still has. He is still very proud of his old GN and loves to see it once and again.
I loved the neon Turbo6. Didn't care for the blue wire loom or the under car lights, but to each their own.
Jeff actually drove me to find my current Race car. He was very helpfull and an overall nice guy. I didnt know he gone thru a divorce I know his daughter had some medical problems he was going thru. If you even see him tell him Louie and Melanie, my wife said hello.