ND/MN Meet, Aug 12-13 Interstate Dragways, Sabin, MN


Sep 3, 2004
What: Drag Racing and BS
Where: Interstate Dragways, Sabin/Glyndon MN.
When: Aug 12-13, Noon 'til?

This is a 2-day test-n-tune event. In the past, folks have been able to get all the runs they wanted.

There's camping available on-site at the track. They have motorhome hookups,
too. There's also a shower facility.

There's lots of hotels in the area, if you want to go that route.


Hope to see y'all there!


'91 Syclone - 11.84@114
'87 GN -12.10@110
hey dig! ill be there for sure on the 12th and probably sleeping in the grounds. wont have my t there of course, but im getting a few things accomplished, slowly. ill be with a FC RX-7, and maybe a 300zx. Might make it up there in the blue 83 Cutlass but who knows.
hey dig! ill be there for sure on the 12th and probably sleeping in the grounds. wont have my t there of course, but im getting a few things accomplished, slowly. ill be with a FC RX-7, and maybe a 300zx. Might make it up there in the blue 83 Cutlass but who knows.

Cool. I'll have the GN, haven't had a whole lot of weekends to get the Sy
back together this summer.

Hope it cools off a bit by then...

I should be there. I am installing the MAFTPro soon and got a new laptop so it should be a good weekend of actual tuning for me. :cool:
Sounds like the Buick guys will be better represented than the SyTy guys.

Anyway, weather is supposed to be in the mid-upper 80s Saturday and low 80s Sunday. Chance of T-storms on Saturday, but that's normal summer weather up here.

Latest info on how the weekend will run, looks like they're trying to change it up a little:
Where: Interstate Dragways
Racing Starts: Saturday 3pm-dark / Sunday 12pm - 6-7ish
Cost: $30 EACH day to race
Spectator: $5 Each day, unless you camp and don't leave then $5/weekend
Camping Cost: FREE
RV with power needed: $30 for the weekend

I am going to go talk and figure out the bracket racing situation later today at 3pm, so by 4pm I will have final details.

The track will be open Saturday at 12pm for those that arrive from outta town and don't get this notice, but the actual event will start at 3pm and will for surely run until headlights are needed, to ensure a cooler temp and a different racing atmosphere. PLEASE LET THOSE FROM OUTTA TOWN KNOW THAT THE RACING WILL OFFICIALLY START AT 3PM ON SATURDAY!!!! However if there is someone that doesn't reach this message, the track will still be open at noon if the early birds wanna race.

Any further questions, please contact Jason at (701)239-8468

Jason Christopherson
Official Details of the August 12th-13th IDRAGs weekend.

Event brought to you by tintmasters
Trophies/Bracket racing organization provided by Straightline Specialties

3-5pm - Time trials/free reign of the track
5-6pm - Prep track/everyone sign up for their cars class
6-DARK - Classed / Bracketed Competition

Classes are (bikes and cars together):

9.00-10.99 - BRACKET racing - trophies for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd
11.00-11.99 - BRACKET racing - trophies for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd
12.0-12.99 - BRACKET racing - trophies for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd
13.00-13.49 - HEADS UP racing - trophies for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd
13.50-13.99 - HEADS UP racing - trophies for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd
14.00-14.49 - HEADS UP racing - trophies for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd
14.50-14.99 - HEADS UP racing - trophies for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd
15.00-30.00 - BRACKET racing - trophies for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd

All categories are SINGLE ELIMINATION, meaning if you lose at any point during the competition you are done.

Those that will be in the BRACKET racing category will race with dialed in times (you will determine what number to the tenth you will dial in during the 3-5pm time trials). Meaning someone with a 12.1 dialed in time may race against someone with a 12.9 dialed in time. The person with the faster car (12.1) will have the staging "tree" start .8 seconds after the 12.9 car, giving the racers equal oppurtunity to win. If you go faster than your dialed in time, you lose. so you want to come as close the 12.1 without hitting a 12.09999. Most of this style race is won with reaction time, and 60 foot. Think of this as a "pinks" style race, except the cars don't start halfway down the track, the time difference is accounted for at the tree....maybe a little indepth for everyone, but many probably haven't been exposed to this style of racing.

Those that will be in the HEADS UP racing categories will race within a .50 second category. This style of racing is pretty simple. You pick which category you want to race in (say 14.50-14.99 class) and you will race "first to the finish line" with another car in that same class. The same 'break out' rule applies, where if you run faster than the category time, you lose. Example is, a car in the 14.50-14.99 class CANNOT run a 14.49999 or they automatically lose.

There will be organized lanes for classes. One lane will be for the 9.00-11.99 class, another for the next class and so on. IF YOU WIN YOUR RACE, YOU WILL GET BACK IN THE APPROPRIATE LANE AND WAIT FOR YOUR CLASS TO RUN AGAIN. IF YOU DO NOT REENTER THE LANE, YOU POSITION MAY BE FORFEITED!

At the end of the Saturday, if you think your car or bike is in the top 8 cars, please bring your fastest timeslip to a table and you may enter into the "Car Quick 8 shootout" or "Bike Quick 8 shootout" that will be held on Sunday afternoon.

If there is enough demand to do classed racing on Sunday, we can do it with no trophies, otherwise we will run open lanes as done in the past, with the exception of the (2) "Quick 8 shootout" (Bracket style racing) classes.

Any questions feel free to call Jason @ (701)239-8468

Jason Christopherson
yep, open cutouts too, could last time anyway. just a heads up, you all know what FWDs do to the track during test and tune. they really destroy it, i went last in june and the track prep was horrible. should be good during the eliminations, but t'nt is probably gonna be slippery.
Yep, slicks are fine, might help keep you from dropping off as much on your 60ft as the line prep gets sabotaged....
the FWDs will be in the elims too, so don't know what to say about line prep--probably be a few breakouts the first round would be my guess until they peel it back off again.
Sweet, thanks for the heads up. My buddy is letting me use his DR's while he is using another friends slicks. So its good to know we wont be making the 230 mile drive just so I can spin the entire track with my street tires.
Last year I blew a head gasket just as I was getting gutsy enough to try the T-brake, thinking about maybe trying it this year--we'll have to see, I don't have a spare driveshaft :biggrin: BTW, on good prep I've managed a 1.64 60ft there off the footbrake, so when it's good, it's good.
Right on, this is the first time I will be running this car as it sits. I have run the car once before at MAM down in Iowa on their 1/8th mile track and it was horrible. Then again, I had a leaky injector and a bad turbo.

So far this summer I have worked out the knock issue. It appears my chip was burned for 100 octane, not 92 like I asked, no biggie, with the price of 92 I am fine paying a little more for the good stuff. I got the boost up to 18 PSI and so far no KR. The speed density tune with the MAFTPro should be on tomorrow or Wednesday so I hope to have a little more room to tune with that on. I am not looking to hit 12's, in fact I am sure I wont do better than a mid 13 with my stock downpipe and stock tranny.

Its bad to say but if someone blows up I will be ready to buy parts. :eek:
how many of you guys are staying overnight? i plan on it! should be some hotties walking around too!!
I have a multi-birthday party to attend Saturday night in Fergus Falls (one of which is the wife's), so I won't be staying overnight--but I'll be back Sunday, long as nothing breaks :eek:
One more thing, are there power outlets around the pits? I am bringing an air compressor and if I can hook it up off the vans power inverter I would like to. We will be using it to swap tires.
there are power hookups, but they want you to rent the spot and is more $$ so i would just use the inverter if i were you, also it might be dicey trying to cop an outlet before someone else.
Thats cool, I got the inverter so I will be all set with air tools out the back of the van. :biggrin: