ND/MN meet Oct. 13th Interstate Dragways Sabin, MN


May 25, 2001
What: Drag Racing and BS
Where: Interstate Dragways, Sabin/Glyndon MN.
When: Saturday Oct 13th, Noon 'til?
(Weather permitting, it is Minnesota after all :biggrin: )

Car and driver entry $35
Spectator $7


Hope to see you there!
you bet! ill be there if i am not working. Also the racing is ended officially at 6, but from 4pm on its usually pretty open. i made 6 passes in the last hour at the last one. Hope we get some more people. Usually pretty fast and cool this time of year.
We'll have a couple from the SyTy crew, at least. I've got a couple tuning projects coming up from the cities. Maybe some new folks.

The GN has 65s, alky and and some M/T drag radials. Got some minor wiring to finish on the alky, but it shouldn't take too long.


Nice, i should be there as of now, BTW, i saw a blue/silver Sy on the back of a semi today east of moorhead, it was nice as hell, whos is it?
Speaking of sightings, Sunday August 26th south of Barnesville on the interstate I was passed by a TTA with no plates. Seemed to have some sort of reflective material in the rear hatch window. Followed it west past Fargo and then lost it, must have turned off. Somebody buy one recently?
there is a guy in fargo with one, has a new style twin scooped hood and smooth iroc rims. only has like 4000 miles on it. I was hit in the front at about 2000 miles and put in storage till 97-98, fixed, driven a bit, and now just got it back out again. its for sale BTW
This one did not have IROC rims, they looked to be aftermarket chrome wheels, 16 or 17 inch. Also had the stock hood.

Wonder if the car you're referring to is the same one I have been told about--there any pics of it anywhere online?
search my name on here, i put a pic of it up a couple months ago with some info.
That's definitely not the one I saw, it had all the badges in place and the stock hood.

Now I'm curious, it sounds like a different car than the one I heard might be for sale. This one have leather or cloth interior?
Info for any new folks who might be attending....

Weather link:


Hard to say what the weather is gonna do this far in advance, particularly this time of year.
Check before you leave. Temps have been in the 50s-60s. for highs. If we get to run, the air will be great!

I'd also recommend checking the track line, but they don't often update it.

Take I-94 to CR 11/MN 336, then go 3/4 mile south.

The track is literally right off the interstate. You can see it here at the bottom:

Google Maps

We usually park along the trees on the North side.

For folks looking for gas, other than the track:


Google Maps

They have Phillips 110 leaded and 100 nolead.

No clue whether they'll be selling at the track this late in the season.


Crowbar in Sabin has great burgers.
General Store in Sabin has ice cream/sodas/sundaes.
Antonellis in Dilworth has really good food, I've heard.

There's hotels and stuff along 8th Street in Moorhead. (See Brady's directions above)

I'll clean out the garage in case we get a big downpour or something.

See y'all there! Pass the word! Call people if necessary!


If anyone's interested, it sounds like a few of us are gonna meet for breakfast at Perkins in Moorhead at 9:45-10:00.

Address is 3005 Hwy 10 E, Moorhead. You can take the road that goes north from the track to get to HWY 10, then go west from there.


wont be making it to perkins im sure, thats pretty early for me. if it doesnt rain or get up to 80 again i wont be making it anyway. Have the buick tore apart already for upgrades anyhow, but i am going to try to come watch and hang out.
Got the Razor kit on finally, with the TT chip for 65s.

It's the best it's ever run. Downright scary at 26 psi...
Think the plugs need to have a tighter gap for the alky... every once in a while, I heard a pop with the cutout open.

We'll see if the 28" M/T DRs will hook up... hopefully, the weather holds.
Sounds like there might be a decent crowd, although you never know until race day and see who shows.


High of 59F, some nice cool weather for running the way it looks now.

Found I've got a bad oil seal on my turbo, gonna dig out my old 44 and put it on--it worked fine last time I used it, so hopefully I'll be back in business. I will have a bit too much convertor for it, but....

I'll try to make the breakfast, can't guarantee it though.
More info for those attending....

We'll have a grill for those who want to bring something to cook. One of the locals volunteered to bring dogs, etc, but I'm not sure how much stuff he planned to bring.

Also, we'll have a generator/battery charger if you need to plug in.


I'm thinking about coming. I live in Winona MN. Looks about an 5 1/2 hour drive.

I would like to race and find out how fast my 86 GN is. I don't have a helmet, would some one be willing to let me barrow one for a couple of passes? I just got a turbotweak chip and need to do some tunning. I'm new to turbo buicks so could use a little help tunning. My GN came with 2.1 scan master.
We'll figure out something for you, come on up. That's a pretty good drive, probably want to check the forecast before you take off--hate to see ya drive all that way and not be able to run because it's raining.....