need a cam soon


10's here i come
Jun 11, 2001
I will be home porting my heads in a week or so and need to find a cam when they are off. should i stay with a 204-214, 208-208, 212-212, or bigger like the 218 or 224.

the car will see little street time and most track time. it has a te63 and will have a 4000 stall on the t brake. It also is only 2460 lbs.

what would be the best cam, rough idle is fine with me, but i want to really put the car in the 9's soon or later.

thanks for the help
Cost Involved

Alot of members have gone fast with the 204/214 flat tappet cam,like in the 130mph range. Which i think for an inexpensive setup thats very impressive. I have a roller and really did't see a difference in performance just a big cost involved.
whatever you do...get a ROLLER cam...they have the best and largest torque rpm range...not to mention they are virtually's sometimes a hit or miss with a flat tappet...