NEED a RACE CHIP file.....


Anyone got one they'd be willing to email me??

I need it by tomorrow . IF NECESSARY I would pay for it but you have to trust me on that one.

Yes fore a 85.

It has the following mods:

Spearco front mount

30# inj
TA 49
Mild Port n Polish on heads. mild cam
FUel Pump, adj Reg, adj wastegate

Thats the basics
I might have my old Kenne-Bell chip somewhere. When I started trying to go fast I switched over to the 87 ecm as do a lot of people for the wider variety of chips and scan tool data.
Thatd begreat if you have a way to save the BIN file and email it. We are usuing a KB9004H or U cant remember now.

We plan on going to the 87 ecm this winter.