Need a transmission shop in NoVa or Western PA...


Aug 7, 2001
I do believe my 180,000 mile 325-4L just kicked the bucket on me. 2nd is slipping terribly and it's flaring on the 2->3 shift. I've got a Turbo Riviera transmission lying around that I'd like to have rebuilt to replace it.

Does anyone know of a decent transmission shop in the Western PA (Johnstown/Altoona/Pittsburgh area) or Northern VA (Prince William/Fairfax county) area? I need it to hold up to a mild Oldsmobile 350 (275ish hp). The transmission was shifting pretty decent up till last weekend, I guess it just wore out.

If anyone knows of a place, please post up ASAP. I'm looking to get the trans into the shop around next Tuesday (2/21/06).
Get ahold of

Dale Cherry at Injection Connection. he may be able to help you.

Berrel Auto Repair, Inc.

1836 York Road, Abington, PA 19001

215-659-8549, 215-659-9907

Fax 215-659-7819

His car is on the home page as well as a link to his business.

Tell him I sent you, but beware, because I did, he may charge you double... LOL :rolleyes: ;)