Alright, need some input on which parts are a must in my transmission


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Dec 30, 2001
Im pretty sure I have decided what Im going to do with the transmission in my Grand National. We have a local transmission shop that does a good stock rebuild on the 200 trannys. A couple of guys I know have used this shop and have had no problems. So, I am going to have them rebuild my Grand National transmission to stock specs with a few "good" parts in it.

What I need to know:

-Which clutches and bands should I run?

-Is a stock GM rebuild kit adequate? If not, where can I get a good rebuild kit for a "decent" price?

-What are a few of the valves and or hard parts that are a must for an approx. 400hp application?

-Is it okay to run a red stripe/orange crush converter with a "stock" transmission? Im sure a really good tranny cooler will be needed?

The car is a stock turbo, stock IC car, and probably will be for quite a few years yet. Being a college student, I cannot afford a 1600-1800 dollar transmission right now, and honestly I dont think I need it yet. Id love ot be able to spend the big bucks once and not worry about doing this again, but at the rate I drive/race this car, Im sure that a good solid stock rebuild will last me 2-3 years, maybe more. So until I get out of school and get a decent job, this is going to have to work. Its just not fun to drive the car anymore, and Id rather be out driving it/enjoying it than letting it sit all the time. So, if you guys have had some experience in this area.....what parts to run, what parts not to run, etc. Id appreciate it!!! Thanks as always........
Pay now....and later

I took your route last year, had it back 4 times, crappy shifts, burned clutches, blown out seal, etc....even got me a brand new 1400 stall converter, but thats another story.

All the money I saved by going cheap was a BIG waste. Do yourself a favor and get a good one.
Or get the best from Bruce.

I know your low on money but towing and the aftermarket parts you want to install adds up, and before you know it, your paying top dollar for junk.

If you can't afford itnow, then save up!
Not what you wanted to hear but good advise.
Originally posted by 8UWITH6
We have a local transmission shop that does a good stock rebuild on the 200 trannys. A couple of guys I know have used this shop and have had no problems.
TCI sells a good complete rebuid kit #386800 Comes with all the seals, clutches, front and rear bushings and their shift kit for about $235 from Summit, you'll also want the wide band TCI #385100, PTS , 2004R Pressure Regulator Spring TCI #374300 PTS , and the anchor pin from Bruce Make sure you have a hardened stator TCI #384500, PTS
rollered low rev. c/s PTS

You want to use Alto Red Eagle clutches at least, also many parts available here with these and "HOPEFULLY" a good rebuild you should be alright for a while. :D
Thanks for the info........I still would like a list of parts if somebody could do that. I dont know that much about auto trannys (yet). Taking that class next semester:) Any more input would be great, thank you!
That pretty much is the list...

Alto red eagle or Raybestos blue cluthes in the direct clutch, Alto wide band and PTS anchor pin, hardened stator, pressure regulato system, shift kit, all the gaskets seals and at least front and rear bushing and the rest of the clutches.
HOT's list is pretty complete for your stated goal...

All I'd add to protect the investment is a good aux. trans cooler.

HTH :)