Need advice on home alarm system

The alarm im getting this summer is about 600 but I have to install it and then the guy comes and sets it up. It runs a modem and goes to cell phone and computer. If no answer it calls police. The police add on is 20 a month through the cop shop. I have a adempco now which is fine but I want to go wireless.Battery back up is a must as well. My alarm now has a transformer off fuse box that charges 12v battery and when my power was out for four days it was still armed and ready like the owner:D
This is my alarm and best friend.Couple friends came over and said "she is no guard dog" Really ? Come back when I am not home;)



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Chopped39's Avatar would make a good alarm system. Not many thieves want to enter a building with a big barking dog inside. If nothing else, put a big dog house and water bowl outside and a beware of dog sign. I can ship you some fresh lab poo to really make it look authentic:)
It's actually for a friend who lives in another state. Apparently two kids broke in, shot her pitbull in the lip, took her plasma tv, jewelry, and a hand gun. The dog is kind of friendly and wasn't hurt too bad. My friend's daughter removed the pellet. So I'm looking for something that is easy to install and is reliable. She can barely work a screw driver so she will have to pay someone to install it. I'll check Consumer Reports and see if they reviewed any lately. Thanks.
You should be able to find a system you can install. A loud horn will run off most. If you add a dialer and a home phone line you can program it to call any number. If you have a dedicated line your caller id will let you know it's the alarm calling. I have put in a few. They are not hard to program depending on how detailed you want to get. Most systems call a monitoring station and a computer picks up. Then that station will try to get ahold of you, then call the police. A wireless system would be easy to install but there will be more maintenance.
I have had the adempco for 16 years and not one problem. After seeing this post last night I went on line to look and wow there is alot out there. My system has an alarm that warns me in the house . It has multiple motion sensors and sensors on doors and exhaust fan. My rott was pretty crazy with people if we wernt home even if he knew them. The pellet gun would not be a good choice with him:D. That would have pissed him off.
I looked at the lynxr2-kit200 for $179 looks good and it sounds like it easy to set up. I would see if you can get a strobe light and extra siren. where does she live maybe someone on here could help with setting it up.
She is in South Carolina. She has a friend whose husband is an electrician and is willing to help. Thanks Chopped39.