need concert sound help..


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Dec 20, 2002
i need pictures of the concert sound door speaker set-up. specifically how the speakers are mounted to the doors(where is the door cut out) and where the pods are mounted to the door panel(where the hole is cut). i'm putting these on a four door and need to know where to begin. thanks.
What type of 4 door are you working on? I'm building a regal wagon & want to do this also, but the wagon door looks very different in that area & I don't think the 2 door setup can be used . The window channel on the 4 door is right where you need to cut out the hole. I haven't tried yet but just looking it appears that custom fabrication will be needed for mounting the speaker. The grille onto the door panel will fit in easy. Has anyone else tried this on a 4 door? Thanks, Ron Cavanagh,
86 cutlass. no one wants to send me pictures of door panels without the grills or the hole in the door for speaker clearance, so yeah i'm not sure if it will work either.
I can't really take any pictures right now because I'm snowed under here. Plus pictures will not help that much. I can tell you that cutting the holes in the door panel & attaching grilles onto the panel isn't a problem. My worry is where that lower front window channel bolts onto the door. Its the same area where the speaker sits. also I think the factory speaker will stick into the door so far that the 4 doors window may hit it when rolled down. I think you will need to find an aftermarket speaker that is shallower & make your own mounting for it to match up to the concert sound grilles. It may also have to sit a little further back on the door than where they sit on a 2 door. Again, I haven't actually tried this on a 4 door yet, but have done the conversion on 2 door regals & have spent time looking at the 4 door. Ron