Need exhaust system advice


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May 24, 2007
Need exhaust system help, Who sells the quietest two and a half (2 1/2) stainless exhaust system for my 87 GN. I currently have a 3 inch ATR system and pit bull muffler on the car and the drone noise drives me crazy. I am done racing the car , so I don't care if there is a little performance penalty. The car will only be street driven for as long as I own it. Thanks, Jack.
With a 3-muffler system you can have the quietest exhaust with no drone at all and lose little to no flow at all but it's a custom system and it's not cheap.. Are you concerned with $$?
Do a search on "3-muffler". There is a HUGE thread on it even with test results and this is what I put on my car last Fall.

if you are looking for the cheapest quickest and easiest, the pypes sytem would be fine.
fastjack1 said:
I am willing to pay whatever it costs to get the quietest stainless system available.

The only "production" exhaust system that I am aware of in 2.5" is the pypes system and it's 409 stainless which is barely better than mild steel. If you go to a 3" there will be more options...

I believe Kirban carries the pypes system.
Only loud when you get on it. Does not drone, have it on my own GN. Dual 3"

TR Custom Parts said:
Only loud when you get on it. Does not drone, have it on my own GN. Dual 3"

I have this system on my car too. It's very nice and sounds great. I drive my car to Norwalk (320 miles round trip) and Columbus BPG (700 miles round) it cruises at 70 and no issues.