Do to the fact I posted this same info on the Full Throttle tech page this morning with no responce at all here it is in hopes one of you out there can help :)

Ok lets start here when the system is on (Key on eng. off) I get MafTpro Version 4.0

Air temp sensor is in the up pipe in front of the TB

Runing 4" maf pipe no maf

I have all the settings set per the quick set up instructions (More than triple checked these!)
Are as follows:
Vehicle Sel 0
X of cyl 6
Airfl Source 0
Map source 0
Dens Srce 0
Baro 0
F-out1 8 (Using extender pro Chip and dont see what # to set to)
V-out1 mode 0
V-out2 mode 0
Afr Sorce 1 for LC1 wideband (Lc1 is all hooked up per the directions triple checked this also)
F-in Mode 0

V-out1 4 volts
v-out2 2.5 volts
After Start 0.0
Lo Load Set to 36.4
Mid Load set 100.1
High Load 143

Air temp Auxtrig AF are all 0.0

TPS1 1.90 TPS2 2.00 tps3 0.0 tps4 0.0 Map1 0, map2 0

Now when I try to go into the sensor monitor page the Hand held Control flashs real fast in Speed density mode and the car shuts off! (Is this normal???)

Next when warm car shuts off! If I restart it it stumbles and I have to put my foot in it pretty good to get it to idel (Thats when I tried to go into the system monitor to see what was up and the car shut off tried this 3 times all with the same results)

Car fires and stumbles baddly then picks up and runs fine

Next in or out of gear tip in to the throttle slow and she revs smooth Hit it hard and it almost shuts off! or dose stall out!

Next I down loaded the 4.80 update to my lap top from this site
DOSNT WORK! Cant get the MafTpro to load it held the to Left UP DOWN arrows down per the directions key on eng. off at least 10 times and nothing!

Next I tried to load the Tuner Pro softwear thinking this would just load and run NOPE! It wont find the file (Did find the t pro no issues )

Not one of the files the directions from the other site I printed off was there
Now I didnt get a disc with this system as it was purchased from a Member last summer and I just got around to installing it.

Next I cant adj. spark timming with the hand held programer and as stated above the sensor monitor dosnt work.

I have tried loading from every angle reset the system 10 times or more Im lost major lost any help will be great!

If I dont get help this is comming off the car and back to a maf and old school way of doing things

Im so frustrated after 2.5 days of wirring and tryin to load stuff up loading files Id love to know what to change to make this system work!

Bob or Mike if I can purchase the 2 or 1 disc I dont have and swing by and get it Id be very happy

Just incase Scanmaster 2.1 Readings

AF 02
l8 38-42
batt 13.6-13.9
INT 102-110
BL 128
MPH 00
Clt 167
ats 71
rpm 825 (in park)
TPS .44
IAC 107
CC 81
PL 1.9
SP 25.0