Need help locating documentation...



Hello. Here is my story.

My father purchased this car in 1978 from a dealer in Monte Vista, Colorado. He has always maintained that it was a prototype that he had requested or ordered from the factory. My parents drove it until 1985 when my mother ran it out of oil. It started smoking and they parked it. It was given to me in 1995 and I put it in storage until last spring. Now it sits on the driveway begging for me to do somthing with it. I do know it was built in December 1977, but it has the upright push bumpers on either side of the license plate space. The headlights are set back more steeply than the other '78 Regals I have seen. There is a sticker on the fan shroud that says "7078, completed 7-10-1978", has the dealer number, and "DO NOT REMOVE". My dad says this is the sticker they put on it to track it as a prototype.

If there is anyone out there who can help me in this quest to get the full papaers on this car I would greatly appreciate it. I wrote to Buick headquarters, but they are unable to give me info on a car produced before the 17 digit VIN codes were started. If I can verify that it is a prototype, does anyone know how much it is worth?

Again, thank you.

Jason Hill
Tooele, UT
1978 Buick Regal, Coupe, Turbo, Prototype:confused: