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Can anyone help me with a program that will work with a stock block car with 83# inj? I have champion heads, fm ic, 218 roller cam with a te63. I've got the car to syart and idle, but dies with any throttle at all. Any help would be appreciated.
I've seen a lot of posts of this type, and I thought I would chime in here.

I agree as anyone would that a good base program makes tuning the car easier from the start. However, it almost seems to me that people tend to search for an existing program that runs their car perfectly rather than simply dive in and work with the calibration they have. The beauty of this system is that you can do anything you want with it, and we like to think that we made it as easy as possible. In my opinion, this is the one and only "surefire" approach to maximizing the performance of your car. Yes, it is a little more work than simply loading a new calibration file, but it is SO worth it in the end. It'll make you feel good about spending that money for the wideband option! :D

I don't mean to get on anyone's case here, and I hope that by replying to this particular post I don't seem to be singling anyone out. I just thought I would use this as an opportunity to give you guys my spin on this. I truly believe that the eternal search for the perfect, already-existing tuneup file really limits what you can accomplish with this system. Every engine is different; many are similar, but your only way to perfect your combination is to do it yourself. Get in there and start tinkering, fellas! You won't regret it.
Well said! That's over half the fun...tuning it yourself. Trial and error...why buy a programable engine management system if you aren't going to do just that...program it!
I appreciate the tought and agree, but its like being droped in the middle of know where and tring to find home. I at least would like to know which way N is. I have the wide band O2 but am completely lost as to what value mean what and how they relate to one another.

Thanks to you that have offered to help though email
If you've had this system for a while, you probably have the DOS version of C-Com. I'll be the first to admit that there isn't much in the way of documentation that explains the hows and whys of tuning your car. This has been addressed in the Windows version which was released in August. If you contact your dealer, you can buy the Windows version for $25, and there is an online help section that covers the basics and then some. I'm adding new info the the help files right now too... I'll continue to do my best to provide all the info I can. The Windows version would probably be 25 bucks well spent if you feel lost. I think I'll see if there's a way I can post the contents on the web somewhere, since most of it will apply to the DOS version as well.
thanks. i call the vendor and see about getting the update
"I appreciate the tought and agree, but its like being droped in the middle of know where and tring to find home. I at least would like to know which way N is. I have the wide band O2 but am completely lost as to what value mean what and how they relate to one another. "

GTEATER ihave to agree with you.But the worst part is if you screw up you just blew up a 10 000$ engine,that is why i would rather have a professional tune mine.
Some valid points have been made on both sides of the fence, so if I may........
I purchased my Speed-Pro system about a year and a half ago. A wiring diagram wasn't even available at the time. I bugged the hell out of Lance more than twice. The book that came with the system was/is rather useless and I would have prefered more info. It left alot unanswered. I melted a cat just trying to get it to idle. Being the demo program is a racing turbo 6 cyl. didn't help. I obtained a program from a vender that was extremely helpful, although I couldn't drive it at any speed the way it was, I was able modify it for my application.

A good working knowledge of EFI systems is necessary, not just how to hook them up, but what drives them. Two good books are, How to Tune and Modify Chev. TPI Engines and TPI Fuel Injection by Cartech. They both cover the operation of the GM ECM, which in turn, relates to the FAST system. Once you understand what the sensors are saying, tuning becomes much easier.:)

As for what Craig said, he is right, half the fun, and bragging rights, is that you did it yourself, and it will give a far better understanding of how the system works for when it isn't.

Sorry, I can't help you with a program, I don't run a turbo:p
Sorry to post this the 3rd time today, but here is the doc that I made, because I had no clue at where to start tuning the system & posting to this board everytime I had a stupid question & feel like an dumb a$$ doing it.
I had got up with Lance to put this manual together. So when I put this manual together, I took notes. Lance thought I was a freak. He got nothing done the whole day I was there. As far as I know this manual is accurate. I had no one email me back saying that there is something wrong with it.
Again if anyone has any info to add to my manual please email me.
Unofficial F.A.S.T. Manual
If you what a little better format of this manual in word format, email me & I'll send it to you.
I also had acomplished in the past to add this help doc to the Beta version of Win Calcom. I'm sure someone from this site could add this to the current version of helps in the win calcom. If someone does figure out how to do this email it to norbz so he can add it to his page for download. I hope Craig & Lance don't mind us futzing with there prog.