Need Help On Headers Gasket

Nick, I am not fmailiar with the TA ones. Can you tell me about them? Oh and the copper ones I used were SCE. You can get them at Weber Racing, jegs or summit. Usually Weber has them but Nick is a very good place to deal with. I go to weber as I can drive by them on my way home. They can be a little pricey though.
They are more than likely warped. Fix the warped issue and just about any form of RTV or your favotite gaskets.

My personal solution has always been, make the manifold or headr straight. And I mean very straight. Some times the best thing is to go to a machine shop with a large belt sander and get them straight. straight manifolds make all the difference.
I agree whith this,big time. I've never used gaskets and have had it apart many times.