Need help starting my 85 GN


Full of Hot Air
Jun 17, 2003
Hi all,

I need a couple tips on how to get my 85 Started. Here is the deal I replaced the turbo with an 86 gn stock t urbo My car is stock and been sitting for about a year.
The car goes to start after it sits for a long while but after its initial attempt of starting it won't try and start again for an hour it just keeps turning over and over no sputtering no catching nothing just the engine turning.

Then you wait and a few hours later try and start it and it attempts to start then nothing again??

I have spark I hear the fuel pump maintaing presssure when key is put in the on position and suggestions?

Thanks for help in advance

Did you follow the "no start test" yet in the sticky to rule out some the items listed?
OK it turns out that I disconnected my computer and changed the performance chip back t o factory chip reconnected it back and vroom vroom put gasp vroom.... it starts every time now the squeaking creaking and spitting is just over a year old bad Gas almost 3/4 of a tank of it. A squealing AC compressor and the horrible knocking sound I guess is the gas.

Well I will know more when I get the car out of the garage right now I have another project blocking me in that needs pushing.

By the way once it is fixed it is sooo outta here I replaced just about everything on this car Soo if you want a 1985 GN with all new parts give me a call

1985 GN Stock 65,600 orig miles Hardtop car