Need help.. World of Motorworks Paul Castle STOLE MY MONEY! Can't get ahold of him!


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So I'm not sure where this should be or how I can get some help with this, I've been a 10+ year multi turbo Buick owner and a member o MAGNA and have delt with plenty of folks in this community and never had a problem with anyone or any vender in the past.

I bought a set of the new GN wheels a back a few months ago and was charged for them on my credit card, Paul Castle called me and asked that I pay again via Pay Pal due to problems with his credit card system. So I do this, I was refunded on my Visa and then charged again. I have been charged twice for one set of wheels. After attempting to resolve this via phone and no luck over the past few months I called again last week and spoke with his Son who told me he would have him call me back. Well as usual no call back from him. I just got off the phone and it says the number is not in service now??? What kind of business man is Paul Castle? I want my money back that I was charged for. This is not right and his lack of effort to even return a phone call is sickening to say the least. My next step is going to be legal action unless this gets resolved this week. Do any mods have another way to get in touch with him or live near him?
Anyone else having this same problem? What are you doing?
Thanks for the assistance / help
Lot of people scammed by him. I think he's robbing peter to pay Paul. What a piece of $hit taking people's hard earned money

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I'll make the popcorn, shall we eat extra butter >>>> I can't understand for the life of me why you would steal from your family (after all we are all in this together) f#ck it, hang'em high......:mad:
I already have done that but they don't seem to understand because of the way it shows its been charged
If you can show them the PayPal money that was sent to him and show the order invoice. They can see that the item was paid for. Did you receive the wheels??
Or dispute Paypal saying you we're already charged by your credit card. Paper trail never lies only the people who's names are on that paper do!!

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Just finished reading the other thread if this gets resolved you should definitely explain the outcome.

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