Need help


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Mar 28, 2010
So my fuel pump went bad last Sunday. It took me awhile to diagnose because the wiring was messy. Replaced the fuel pump with a racetronix and replaced the wiring with a racetronix hot wire kit. The fuel pump turns on for 2 seconds with the ignition and I has the fuel pressure it’s supposed to but still won’t start up.

I put 2 gallons of gas in and primed it 10-15 times still no luck.

Even weirder, when I turn the ignition on my passenger side running light and tail light come on. When I turn the lights on they all come on. It wasn’t doing that before. So now I’m like WTF.

Any ideas? Appreciate any help!
I would take it back apart and make sure you put it together correctly, replacing a FP is usually pretty straight forward. Again check your connections everywhere.
I would try pulling fuse on hotwire at alternator and turning key to ign, see if the lights no longer come on, if not , trace where someone spliced into the wiring at or near back lights, like chuck said, look at rear where hotwire goes.