Need info on Conquest


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Looking for a vehicle for my son. Ran across an 1987 Conquest, 2.6 L. turbo charged, IC,Champagne color, hatch back. flared fender wells kind of a funky body style with only 400 miles on the odo. The guy wants 5k or best offfer was thinking of offering 4k, the car is CLEAN . Just need any info that anybody could give me on the car,i.e. hp, numbers made, were these the cars that Shelby helped Chrysler/Dodge with,think there was a car very similar called the Daytona in the mid 80's?? seems like I read some where he helped with some of the similar type turbo models.Some them models had GLH (goes like he**or something like that.)on them.

Would it be a cool 1st time Turbo powered car for my son to mess with? Any info would be much appreciated. The GN will go to him when I kick the bucket but until then .TIA
With only 400 miles,the car is new and for $5k would be a deal.

They run good but have a problem cracking the head when power is drastically increased.

Itd be a fun car for a young driver but with 400 miles,sound like itd be to nice to drive.