need info on shifter

Just finished installing a B&M Carbon fiber, Pistol-grip Pro Stick. Was not easy at all. Need to mod floor for cable relocation, build a mount, modify console, and modify bracket on shifter. If there is an easier bolt in app,get it. I wanted the pistol-grip. WOW,what a pain in the... Looks real cool though.

I installed a Hurst quarter stick and it wasn't to bad. The shifter bolted to the original bucket (shimmed up with washers to the correct height). The console plate had to be modified for the shifter to fit though. Then I bought kit from Mark at TR Custom Parts (site vendor) for the console plate. Look really good. I'll see if I can post a picture of it.
console shifter

Hey it worked!!:D I knew i'd figure out computers one day.:rolleyes:


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