Need new maf....I think. Help wanted!!


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Aug 17, 2012
Well I purchased my 1985 GN about a year or so ago and it didnt run at the time. I changed the fuel pump because it was not working previously. I could get it to run but had to feather the throttle like all hell to keep it running. When I un-plugged the maf it seem to actually run pretty good just a bit high on idle. Where is the best place I could find a good one? I just want to get my GN drivable so I can enjoy it. Also what is the fuel pressure suppose to be at idle with the vacumm un-plugged and plugged? Thank you!
Sounds good, work perfectly fine correct? Let me get your pay pal info please. When can you ship it? I am located in Washington
Yeah it was working fine when i did the swap. That's why i don't
Need it. PayPal is if i get the pmt today ill
ship it after work. And ill give u a tracking number too.thanks
Money has been sent, address is 29214 8th ave s. Roy wa 98580,

If you could ship it today that would be awesome. I might be able to get it before the weekend .

Just curious . What's done to your car ?
Ok cool man also need your name. Did ECM conversion with 60lbs 255 walbaro pump, fuel regulator injector and tt chip
3.5 single straight exhaust, electric fan. Runs way faster :)
Jordan Betschart . Sorry I forgot that . It's amazing what a few little things will do to these cars , do you have any dump or track results?
Not yet cuz i did it last weekend and the track is close till next month. Okay bro. Ill send it through usps.thanks