need new turbo


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im looking for a new turbo to replace my te44. I have a 3000 stall converter and 50 injectors. I was thinking a te 61 or maybe even a 70 but i would have to raise the stall correct? Also what size injectors would i have to go to. Any feedback or suggestions would help thanks.
I'm on my fourth turbo in about one year. Go one step bigger than you think. BB T-70 is feeling pretty to me on a 109.
If you keep your stall id go with a PT-54 or a 66BB. You might be able to spool a 70BB if it has a small exhaust housing. I run a 70BB with a big .85 housing and 3200 stall. Its a bit laggy....but the tbrake and nitrous takes care of that! Id go with a 66BB. It can take you to the 10's easy and you wont have to soften the car up any with a bigger stall. You will grow out of the 54 in a year or so if you go that route. If you want a 70BB id recommend about a 3400 stall.

The 50's will be ok to about 11.20's. More details about your car would help some. Heads, cam, boost, ect.