Need part number for plastic A pillar on drivers side.


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Anyone know what the GM part number is for the black plastic A pillar on the drivers side ?
I just received the 2 pod A pillar from Lotek and contrary to what they told me, I have to install it over the stock one and has to be installed with two screws.
I would like to keep the original one undamaged in case I ever go back to stock and need the part number to buy a replacement.
Sorry no part number, get one from a junk yard that will only cost you $5 or so any t-top firebird/camaro 82-92 will fit. I suspect GM have discontinued them but any GM parts dealer can look it it for you. So the Lotek pod sits on top, thats what I thought
Hey Jan
Yeah, I was going to email you later to tell you about the fit. I went over today to the garage to do a test fit. It definately goes over the original. I dont see any other manufacturers that make them to replace the original.
Although it does fit fairly well over the original and looks pretty much stock. It does fit over the entire A pillar.