Need parts Anodized, who does it.....


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Aug 13, 2001
I need my fuel rails anodized, does anyone here do it or know who does it?
There's a guy out in South Elgin who does metal polishing work, got his contact from Not Avg 6. I'll shoot you a PM in a minute. He does fuel rails as well and works with an anodizer.
Check the yellow pages where you live, I'm sure there are commercial metal finishers that do anodizing not too far away. The two we deal with here at work (Baltimore) have a minimum order of about $100 and would probably charge $10 per rail for clear and maybe $15 each for a color like blue, black, or red. Just get a couple of friends to add their parts and you should be able to make the minimum without paying $50 per rail :). There's no need to polish first since the shiny finish would get replaced with the dull anodized finish, but any scratches or dings should be sanded out first or they will still show up afterwards.