Need PTE FMIC Installation Instructions or Tips


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Bought a used one this week and don't know if instructions originally came with it or not.

If you have instructions I'd appreciate a fax...or if you have installation tips I'd appreciate them too.

Thanks, Bob Kolhouse
Very easy install.

1) remove old IC
2) remove grill
3) remove core support x brace(4 bolts)
4)install mounting tabs in old x brace holes
5)install IC
6)install piping/hoses/clamps
7)trim bottom of the grill,youll probably have to check fitiment 2-3 times
8)reinstall grill
9)fire it up and take it for a test drive!
broke1 said:
4)install mounting tabs in old x brace holes

That might not be true depending on how old it is.

Mine has 2 bolts that go straight up and you have to drill the holes.
My fax is at work...don't remember the number.

Will send it to you tomorrow morning...via PM.

Thanks...appreciate your effots.