Need Radiator Hose info


Warp6 is in my Jet Wash
May 26, 2001
Cut the upper radiator hose and spliced it for a quick fix. NAPA, Advance and AutoZone all do not list the upper hose for the TTA. Anyone got the correct part number or source. Dealership not open and I'd like to get it together today.

have you searched tha archives? You could do a custom setup with a nice chromed steel pipe. That's what I'd like to do. Don't you know a guy in GA that does that works with tubing? Call me.
Just buy the upper radiator hose for a 1987 buick regal, 3.8L turbo. It is a little longer, so you just cut 1" off the end that attaches to the thermostat housing.

Someone else found that the upper radiator hose for a 91 firebird V6 worked well for them, but I haven't bought one.
I've had the GN upper hose on my car for 2 years, no problem.
FYI the TTA radiator hose doesn't exist anymore, its discontinued. You'll have to use the GN hose, or the Firebird hose looks like it would fit.. (being that i have both :) )
I got a GN it worked OK..thanks

What about the lower hose, GM has discontinued it also...amy suggestions?
I also used a GN lower hose. Need to cut off about 5 inches off the side that attaches to the water pump. Put the hose onto the radiator and place it up near the water pump to see how much you need to trim. It took me a couple of trims to get it nice.
Have also has been on there for a few years.