Need rim fitment information


Alright, so I am looking at some aftermarket wheels for my Buick, and I need to know what exactly to look for as far as dimensions in a wheel. I have searched a couple threads but none have given me the exact answers I am looking for.

I already know that the bolt pattern is 5X120.65, but will 5X120 work? also, I know that the front hub sticks out on these cars and is a fitment issue for some rims, would a brake upgrade in the front solve that?

lastly, I need to know what offset is. I have no idea what it means as far as the wheels go, and I dont know the difference in rear wheel and front wheel spacing as I am new to doing suspension work. here are the rims i was looking at:

eBay Motors: 4-18x9 5x114.3 5x120.65 TSW Chrome Kyalami Wheels/Rims (item 220177739276 end time Apr-20-09 22:37:51 PDT)

If the rims themselves are garbage, please let me know, I want to stay with the GTA/GNX style wheel but in an 18" size all the way around.

Thanks for the help guys.
this will solve your hub issue

you can pick up a pair of loaded spindles (spindle with hub caliper and rotor and brake hose) for about 75.00 per side give or take (local salvage yard) direct bolt on with the edelmann adapter listed in that thread. FYI must use 98 up s10 blazer only. also the upper and lower control arms are the same except for the lower control arm bushings. If you replace the lower bushings with g-body bushings they are the same. If you want to buy them complete salvage (used auto recyclers) call them knee assy. use and you can find a local salvage yard with these parts or goto a pick-n-pull they will be cheaper
That's a cool picture posted in that link you posted Fox. Nice that someone was able to do that.

Thanks. Although the link doesn't give any definitive answer to the question, it gives you a lot to think about. I would use spacer/adapters with anything other than a 4.75 bolt pattern myself.

Aren't you due for some new wheels for the summertime?