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I'm reposting to this, I guess the crash lost the previous one!

Asking/calling on any Waco area guys to help in searching for our family's old '87 GN. The insurance company didn't allow any chance to buy it back or give us any auction/sales information. I'd been Carfax'ing it and nothing came up one it for years other than it was titled in Waco in 2009, so I assumed it was sold and parted out.

Until... I ran a Carfax a month or two ago, and got a hit that it got an alignment and oil change in Waco back in December 2021 time frame. I called the service station to ask if they could pass my information on to the new owner, that I might speak with them about a buy back, but they weren't allowed to do so. This was a Valvoline on the NW side of Waco.

If anyone one here owns or may know the owner, please put us in touch. This GN wasn't anything special - manual windows, no T-tops, etc - but it was bought by my brother and my mom for our dad on their 25th wedding anniversary in 1997. It still had the plastic on the seats! Our dad filed for divorce the same year and my mom really took to the GN, sort of a reminder of the better times I suppose. We moved to DFW in 2001 and took her to the AutoRama in Dallas where she was stolen. Our mom passed away from cancer in 2015, and she always talked about the car - I'd love to have it back her the family. I know she's had a rough life and there's other in better shape, but it's not our GN.

Some quick identifying info (some may have changed): last 4 of VIN: 2283, a bubble in the upholstery above the radio, manual windows, no T-tops, MAP reference rubber hose replaced with compression fitting

So if anyone can help out, I'd greatly appreciate it!

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