Need some computer help!!!


Boost is good.
OK some moron got on my computer and SOMEHOW changed everything to where it reads some kind of arabic language...everything that has to do with windows has been changed into some crazy language that i have no idea how to do i revert back to ENGLISH??? all my desktop icons, program folder names, etc are just all in crazy arabic...but for some reason i can read and type english on IE??? I have Windows XP Professional BTW
We'll try first w/o pictures...;if your still stuck let me know and i can send you some snapshots....

On your desktop open MY COMPUTER
On the left hand side bar under the heading OTHER PLACES Look for the icon that looks like a notepad with a checkmark and a pen, its colored blue and white mostly.
*edit* just realized you can't read the heading OTHER PLACES...doh. There should be 3 groups on the left bar. Theres the same notpad icon on the top and middle want the MIDDLE group.... */edit*
Once in there click on the GLOBE icon that has the CALENDAR with it.
Then click on the GLOBE again. The drop bar is the languages...scroll untill you see ENGLISH....