No start condition need help

well she turns on for a few minutes but right when she gets warm i hear a slight miss like weak spark, and then she cuts off and wornt turn back on till shes cold again...... All parameters on SM are perfect any ideas?

Something causes her to turn off.. like out of nowhere feels like spark gets weaker then just shuts off.
Usually the module
Usually the module

Good call, It is the module..
I slapped a known good one from my other car and it stayed on and after it being on for a few minutes it spit out a code 42,

Bad part is that i was testing the cam crank and module on my other car BUT i would just fire her up and turn it off......... this was the reason it was never accurate......

And like i stated it would only cut off after a few minutes so i thought it was something else.. I should have let my other car idle for a bit and if it would shut off and then i would have known bad module..

Thanks guys.. ECM is a little hot now.. and code 42 never spit out with the other module on to the next issue
Wiggle those wires with it running especially near the ECM and glove box connectors.

Just changed the oil in salvageV6 friday and since I don't drive it I decided to move it 5 feet so the tires rotate a bit and it won't sink into the lawn too much. :p

Well go to stop and pop same thing broke the brake line under the master cylinder area, luckily it was down low so it's harder to fix but no smoke show. :eek::jawdrop:;):po_O