Need stock rocker shaft thickness measurement!


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Jul 5, 2004
Anyone have a spare set of stock rocker shafts laying around they can take a micrometer to for me? I need the wall thickness of the shaft tube itself. I broke my "HD" rocker shaft today and had a spare "HD" shaft in a box of parts I bought, but it is thinner than the one on my car. Wondering if it is a stocker or if it is worth trying to run...

The one on my car that I broke is 0.14 wall thickness.
The spare is 0.124 wall thickness.

I know, less than .020 difference, but it is thinner, and I just broke a thicker one! Any suggestions on picking up a thicker one local? Kind of in a hurry to get it back on the road! Pepboys, Kragen, Autozone, and Napa on line are no help, couldn't find anything.


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