Need suggestions on a Cat


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Oct 18, 2001
So emission regulations are coming to Pennsylvania this March. I currently have a Hooker exhaust with test pipe

See here:

Can someone suggest a cat converter that I can retro fit in place of my test pipe that will allow me to put it on for show then take it off for go? As the system works now the test pipe slides over the down pipe. (Hot Air car) and fastens with an exhaust clamp. I appreciate any help you guys can give me here. Thanks.
Heres one on summitt racing that i know a few people are using(and i live in PA too and it passes emissions fine)

Part no. CTO-4468

It says its fro 86-87 GNs, but i think all TRs use the same converter setup
Thanks. I was also checking the ones on postons site. As long as it bolts up and the slides over my 2.5" dp I'll be happy. These new emissions regs are good for the envir but bad for my speed addiction. I wish PA would have made a cutoff year more condusive to my taste in cars.
Actually, the emissions laws have very little to do with the environment, and moreso to do with revenue for the govn't. Sad but true. It ain't our cars that are smogging up the air, but rather the large commercial vehicles (18 wheelers), and other industry. However, there's no way for the govn't to make them conform, as it would have an affect on commerce. Therefore, we get stuck with it, paying at every turn...
But I digress...
Yes I agree with you. The amount we jointly contribute to the smog is nothing compared to that of the trucking industry. It is a money making scheme. The local small auto garage/inspection stations in my area are very upset over it all. They can afford the new standards the government is enforcing. I feel worse for them.