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Sep 21, 2003
This TR6 came with an engine/trans combo I picked up a while back, so the switch settings were set according to the way he had everything set up. I'm only looking to use the 2 step by applying 12v and not ground. I've switched modes 1-8 all OFF except for Mode 4 and 8 are ON. All the config switches are off. Since I'm not using the TRIG switches, they are set to 3000 as stated in the manual. MAIN switches are set to 6300. That is the main rev limiter, right? How do I set the rev limit for the 2 step? Am I missing anything or do these settings look ok? The problem is that it does not start with the TR6 but when swapping the stock coil pack back on, starts and runs fine. I have set the cam sensor as detailed on, but this was set while the factory coilpack was in place. I've read that the TR6 isn't as tolerant as the stock coilpack on the cam sensor being dead on. Is this true? I used the voltmeter method at 25 ATDC, btw. I have the black ground wire from the TR6 grounded to the single bolt at the back of the coil bracket. This same bolt is also where the small ground strap is that goes to another small bolt on the firewall. Do you think it might not be an adequate ground?
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the tr6 expects the cam sensor to be set to factory spec, its more picky than the stock stuff so that it can diagnose issues.

you can run the system with the cover off as long as the ground wire is connected to the engine (which yours is). so watch the LEDs when cranking and make sure the cam and crank LEDs both blink as the engine turns. If the cam sensor is correct the sync led will turn on. At this point the TR6 starts to fire the coils and also begins letting the crank and cam pulses thru to the ECM and the ECM will pulse the injectors.

Once the engine fires the RUN led will turn on. and the ECM takes over control of the timing.

check for the LEDs, and we can go from there.

USE A STOCK CAM SENSOR AND CAP!!!!!!!! I tried to use a Casper’s cap. Got me stranded 70 miles from home with a “cam sync loss” code. Bob knows what’s up and I should have listened when he said “You can try the Casper’s one but it might not work, they like the stock style cap as the Casper’s one can lose sync intermittently”. Live and learn lol. Roll it to zero on the balancer mark, scribe a mark in the balancer at 15°, roll that mark to 0°, scribe mark at 10°, roll this mark to 0° and boom. 25° ATDC. Trick Bob told me. No timing issues since.
It is a stock cam sensor and cap. I used a piece of tape measured at 1.45", but low and behold someone already etched a small mark designating 25deg. Also not mentioned in my original post, the cam sensor voltage on the middle wire was 4.9v or so...not the 7.5v+ that the gnttype article mentioned. When I rotated it ccw untill the voltage dropped, it showed less than 1v.....0.9 or so. Can this low voltage be a problem causing the TR6 not to recognize the cam sensor?
That's what I did with mine. Put tape on the balancer for the 25*, kept the cam sensor loose enough to rotate, & in the correct mode rotated until the LED came on in my TR6. Checked tach to kind of double check where it was at, fiddled with it to see where the LED went off and on, & chose a happy spot with LED, tach, & balancer mark.
Put the TR6 back on the car today and it fired right up with no hesitation. Earlier when I set the cam sensor up, the factory coil pack was on the car at that time and I didn't bother trying the TR6 afterwords. I tried putting the TR6 into cam sensor test mode while observing the tach LEDs on the dash. Well, they aren't responding. How do I use the TR6 to check the cam sensor timing if the factory tach LEDs don't light up? The motor runs well, but I'd still like to verify cam sensor timing. Reading the post above me, it looks like I can just go by the small LED in the TR6 box?
There are LED’s on the TR6 board. I don’t recall which ones they are but that’s the LED you want to come on.

When you hit pretty damn close for the cam sensor & TR6 to be happy one of the green LED’s on the board will light up.
You can use the internal CAM led to set the cam sensor by the factory procedure. You can use a tach (factory or aftermarket). Or many aftermarket ECUs (like the ecuGN) will show the cam sensor timing in the datastream and on the laptop screen)
Got it dialed in via the TR6 and everything is good to go. Thanks for an amazing product Bob!